Friday, 9 March 2012

OPI Ds Sapphire layered over pink

 Remember that I wrote that I wanted to try OPI Ds Sapphire as a holo effect top coat? Well I did! Of course I had to try it over pink, since I'm in my pink phase so I chose Essie - Rosebowl, a lovely hot pink
In addition to the Ds I added some black nail stickers from essence.
Sapphire worked awesome as a holo effect top coat! The turned out great underneath, and I just love the effect.
I had some problems doing it though. First problems is that it was hard to get the Ds in a really thin coat. If I used to much the color underneath disappeared entirely, so I had to be careful to get it perfect in the very first coat. On the index finger I had to use two coats, and the pink is nearly invisible.

I'm gonna try to layer it over green next, since I'm craving for a green holo. I've ordered the new A England polishes, but it seems like they've gotten lost in the mail. But Adene is going to send them again, and I'm grateful that she is so helpful!

# Have you tried to layer Sapphire before?
# What do you think of this mani?


  1. Så lekkert! Har faktisk bestilt en fra OPI DS holo som er i rosa - håper den kommer om ikke så lenge :)


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