Thursday, 15 March 2012

H&M - Lady Luck+Comparison

This is a new polish from H&M, and I must say I'm impressed. From being a cheap brand with lousy colors and quality, H&M has gone too having some pretty cool colors with good enough quality too a good price. Thumbs up from me!
Now, I knew I had to have this polish for two reasons; 1) The color looked like a rad duochrome 2) My nickname/alias used to be Lady Luck, hehe! So, did it live up to my expectations?

Direct sun
The color is a seagreen turquoiseish metallic. I like it a lot! Even though it isn't a strong duochrome, there still is some color changing visible and I find it very pretty! It went on very well and got opaque in two coats.
Only problem was the brush, god I hate the HM brushes! The hairs ain't the same length and I needed major cleanup... I did expect it to come out very streaky, but it wasn't that bad. A coat with Linda Johansen top coat smoothed out the streakiness pretty much.

Now, when I first got in on my nails I went "Waaait a second, haven't I seen this before?". I went through my helmer and found Sinful colors - Gorgeous. For those of you who read This post, you know that Gorgeous is a spot on dupe of Sephora by OPI - Mermaid to order. For a moment I was afraid that I'd gotten another dupe, so I had to check:

As you can see, Lady luck is a lot greener and more duochrome. Lady Luck is actually what I hoped Mermaid to order would be like! So I finally got the color I wanted! Yay.  
Lady Luck was a great polish, and I recommend it to all of you! Great for spring and the sun finally poping up.
# What do you think of Lady Luck?


  1. That is definitely the next polish I have to get from H&M :)
    Well after my little "I-wont-buy-anything-makeup-related-for-a-while" period is over that is ;)
    I have a lot of polishes by H&M and there is only two polishes that I really don´t like out of the ones that I have :)
    Take care :)

    1. You totally should buy it! I feel ya on the "I wont buy anything makeup related" part. I have to put myself though it a couple of times too!

  2. I like to use it for stamping and sponging! :)


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