Monday, 26 March 2012

Package from A England

My long awaited A England polishes arrived yesterday, hurray! I had some problems getting these, the first time I ordered them were back in the beginning of February.  When March came, and I hadn't gotten anything I contacted Adina and asked if there had been some problems at her part that might have delayed my package. She told me there had been no problems and that if it didn't show in the next week she would send another. A week went and past and there was still no sign of the package, so Adina sent another one with my order. Luckily this one got to me! It really sucks when the mail screws up, and I told her to try to trace it so hopefully it will return to her!

The ones I go are from the new The Legends collection. From left to right:  Princess Sabra, Saint George, Ascalon and Dragen

Can't wait till next week, 'cus next week is easter and that means off time from school! I'll try to get a bunch of swatching and nail art pressed in between school-work (exam's soon you know!)
Here is a sneak peak of Dragon with Saint George as a french!
# Have you gotten the new A Englands?
# Any one special you'd like to see a swatch of first?


  1. I haven't got any A Englands yet, but I'm totally in love with the Dragon and Saint George!

  2. Flott at du fikk pakken tilslutt :) Kjedelig når ting forsvinner i posten! Venter selv på to pakker som aldri dukker opp... Fin manikyr ;)

  3. Wow, de ser fantastiske ut!

  4. Åguud, så fine! Er de litt holo eller? Bra du endelig fikk dem da :)

  5. Where do you buy these? I'm assuming online..
    I'm in the US, so I'm having a really hard time finding this brand.


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