Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Week 11 - St. Patricks day mani

I've already made one mani for St. Paddys day, and I'm guessing I'll make a couple of more before the big day on Saturday.
 For this one I used green and gold gradient and then added some green heart stickers to form a clover.

I've been wanting to use these heart stickers for just that for a while, so I'm glad I finally did it! The other colors I used were OPI - Green-wich village(of course!), Icing - Bright green and Isadora - Golden sparkles. Now, with these super green manis it's important to use a basecoat or your nails will turn out yellow and yuckie! I've been trying out Linda Johansen base coat lately, and it seems like it's working fine. The final test will be to see if it kept  my nails from staining when this green comes of!

I hope you guys have some fun plans for St. Patricks day, I'm going to the annual parade being held in Oslo, always loads of fun!
# What do you think of this design?


  1. Eg har enda ikke somlet meg til å lage gradient nails, men det kommer vell en dag det også.. Det er jo så fint :D Likte godt klistremerkene du har brukt!

  2. Aw, this is so cute and pretty!! :D

  3. ahhh this is totally adorable. love the stickers

  4. Kia! It's wonderful! I love it! ♥


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