Monday, 26 March 2012

Streaky artsy nail art

I kind of made this nail art by accident. I was playing around with colors and polish remover and when I ended up with this I thought it looked quite cool!
The colors are way more autumn appropriate in this one with OPI - Lincoln park after dark, china glaze - papaya punch and OPI - Green which village as the main colors here, but I'm thinking about making another one with light pastel cremes.

This sort of reminds me of modern art, and even though it looks kinda messy and dirty I like it! Next time I'll try to make it more clean and pretty to look at I think! Would you like a tutorial on how I did it?

I think one of the reasons I like it, is the frame the dark color made around the colors. Reminds me a lot of leaves on a dark tree. As I said, very autumn-y!

# What do you think of this design? Win or fail?
# Should I make a tutorial on how I did it with some spring colors?


  1. Very cool!! :D This reminds me of an oil painting!

  2. This looks cool!! Yes to tutorial!!:)

  3. Så utrolig stilig det ble på en merkelig måte :D Legg gjerne ut en how-to :D

  4. Jeg syns det var fint sånn jeg, abstrakt kunst på en måte :)

  5. Så stilig! Kan du prøve å gjøre en lignende look med litt med glitter? :) Dette er vel ikke water marble?


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