Sunday, 4 March 2012

Week 9 - Vintage Mani

I saved this for the weekend on purpose, since I was going to a 50's themed party on Saturday. There will therefor not a an animal Sunday I think, a lot going on at school so blogging can't be a priority! Sorry, but that's life, hehe.
Well, I had no idea there were actually something called a vintage mani. It's when a halfmoon and a french tip are the same color.I think it's kinda cool!
I made mine with OPI - Got the blues for red and a blue jelly from Urban outfitters.

The french didn't show very well over the blue, but I don't mind. Think it looks cooler this way!

I got a lot of compliments on my nails, which is always nice!

I figured I'd put out a face snap to. Never done that before, but why not? I was gonna get a outfit picture to, but totally forgot. Maybe I'll see what pictures from last night ended up on internet and pic a nice one of me and post it here later, hehe.

My style is very 50's inspired everyday so it was cool to meet a bunch of other people dressing up the way I dress everyday!

# Do you like vintage manis?
# Are you inspired by 50's style a lot?


  1. Really cute nails! and I have a septum ring too:)

  2. Love this look, and may i say that i am so jealous of how well red lipstick looks great on you (i wish it suited me like this) xx

  3. Also I just gave you an award, go check it out on my blog!

  4. lovely! and your earrings are adorable :)

  5. Hurra for ansiktsbilder. :-)


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