Sunday, 25 March 2012

Week 12 - Skittle Mani

So, I have to admit, before this week I had no idea what a skittle mani was. Now I know that it's a gradient of colors with a different shade on each nail. A skittle mani can also be a bunch of different colors, but with the same finish or "feeling" to them.
I was so inspired by the sun being out that I wanted to do a skittle with holos. I looked trough my staff and found out the holo color I have to most of is pink, so a pink holo skittle it was.
From left to right: Makeupstore - Britta, OPI - Elegance, Catherine Arley - 800, Catherine Arley  - 677

The pinks I had weren't that great together actually. The CathArleys were more red and purple than pink, but I still think it made a nice gradient. On the thumb I used A England - Ascalon, which isn't actually pink, but has pink undertones and a pink shimmer to it. It was the closest I could get to the darkest tone of the skittle....

# Have you made skittle nails before?
# What do you think about this pink-holo combination?


  1. Jeg har visst hatt Skittle Nails før! Visste ikke hva det var før nå da :)
    Synes det ble fint!

  2. These are so beautiful!! :D


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