Sunday, 11 March 2012

Orange, black and pink flower mani

These nails were sort of inspired by Kimono, and sort of not. We had a project at school were we created glasses, and my friend made her glasses inspired by the kimono suit. So this mani is inspired by her glasses, hehe.  I don't have any pictures of the actual glasses her right now, but maybe I'll try to get some and then post them in this post later. 

I made this using China Glaze - Papaya punch and Heli-yum a purple jelly from Urban outfitters and black and white. The colors are very hot and strong, not something I use a lot in nail art, but I dig it!
I made all of it free hand with a thin paintbrush. 
Please ignore the rift on my ring finger, I accidentally used the potato peeler on my finger, duh!
I guess we are all ready for spring now, and I feel like this is my first spring design!

# What do you think of this design?


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