Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Essence - Red-y to go

This is a great red shimmer that I bought in Italy last fall. It has blue undertones, which keeps the orange in this down.If it had been to orange-y it wouldn't have fit my pale skin tone, but because of the blue it's great for me! I like it especially in the shade, even though the shimmer comes out in the sun!

The formula was great! I had no problems at all. And when removing it, it didn't stain at all!
I really like Essence. It's a great brand, and they have some totally unique colors. Even though I only own three, more are on my wishlist!



Please tell me if you know of any good Essence colors, 'cus I'd love some tips on which ones to buy and where to buy them online!
# Do you like this color?


  1. Den var skikkelig fin, men veldig forskjell i fargen på bilde med og uten blitz

  2. Gorgeous shade...I do not own any Essance , they look like something I will try!

  3. Omg, denne var helt fantastisk !


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