Friday, 2 March 2012

Dotty dot

This is my nail design for Chalkboardnails' dotting tool challenge. I used a lot of time experimenting and trying out different dot designs. And then ending up with this! I had to do this twice, 'cus the first time the crackle wouldn't crack, damn!
I've first made golden dots, then black crackle and some smaller red glitter dots with CC - Ruby Slippers, the crackle is H&M and the gold is Isadora - Gold Sparkles.

After seeing the other attendees I feel kinda set back, hehe. So much talent going around here! Still I'm happy with what I made, and I know I did my best! So I'm really excited to see the result! Got really inspired by the other dotting designs. Woah!
This is all made with a dotting tool, obviously, hehe!
# Have you entered the contest?
# What's your favorite dotting tool design?


  1. Cute! I am still thinking on what to do for this one, this is a great idea you have!!

  2. love it! I've just done my first polka dot mani, yaaay! don't have dotting tool so I took needle with small head (sorry, I dont know how do you call it) and putted it into eraser on pencil. and, voila! great tool :)


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