Saturday, 17 March 2012

St. Patricksday nails!

So, today is the big day! I'll show you my St. Paddys day nails and some pictures from the Parade in Oslo that I go to every year.
I ended up making a very simple mani with green and gold. The base is TL design - Ganges, with Isadora - golden sparkles and China glaze - Holly day. I think Ganges with extremely well with gold, don't you?

Green is my absolution favorite color. But I still don't have that many green clothes in my closet... Even though  I'm not completely Irish(my dad's American Irish, but then again, who aren't?) I consider myself Irish enough to celebrate this holiday every year. And as the Norwegian-Irish Society says on their website: "We dont care if people are black, white, yellow or pink as long as they are green" That's a good quote!  Here are some photos from the parade:

Me and my brother sporting green. Him not looking very pleased...

Ofc some hot scots playing the bagpipe!

Irish wolfhounds!


This lady wore green shamrocks on her nails. Can you tell?
# Did you do anything fun for St. Paddys?


  1. Å, det var lenge siden... Ingen parade og ingen guinness på meg i dag, og jeg har ikke engang hatt på meg grønne klær...
    Hun med shamrock-neglene tror jeg er den nye kjæresten til Daithi. Var hun flink til å danse?

    Hihi, og uttrykket til Felix var jo ubetalelig...

  2. LMFAO at your brother. he looks totally pissed, haha. Love your nails, too! neat little design :)

  3. Neglene dine var nydelige, spesielt ringefingen! :D

  4. WOw love the pictures! Your nails are awesome!

  5. Jeg satt hjemme og tenkte på St.Patricks-opptog og feiring . Det var morsomt at du la inn bilder fra det . Skulle gjerne vært der.


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