Tuesday, 21 February 2012

OPI DS - Sapphire

My third and last of the OPI DSs for you guys today! See Elegance and Vintage by pressing the names. 
Sapphire was different than the two others in formula. A lot sheerer and not as opque. By the first coat it looked so thin that I thought I would need at least four. Thankfully I only needed three! Since it's so sheer by one coat, but still holo I'm gonna try to use it as a holo top coat! Looking forward to that.
The holo effect it gorgeous in direct sunlight! 


In the bottle this looks very blue. On the nail it's another story. In the shade it looks more like a pinkish gray. Almost a duochrome. In the sun however it's clear that the color is blue, but it's still not very bright. I like the toned down color on it. It means that even though it's a holo it's not to fancy or flashy. 

Here's a comparison pic of the old and new brushes of OPI, read more about it in Elegance. 

Sapphire is a very special holographic polish. It's both toned down and flashy! Looking forward to try it as a holo top coat!
# Do you like Sapphire?
# What's your favorite holo polish?


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