Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Gray with pink Flowers

I've gotten a hang up on pink lately... I get these hang ups now and then, you know, only wearing shimmer or only wearing purple. I guess all nail fanatics get these hang ups from time to time. Well, now it's pink. And it's weird! I've never liked pink before, so maybe it's nice for a change...
Well today I combined pink with gunmetal gray and silver glitter. The base is the magnetic polish from Essence called Mystic wish, the flowers are H&M duo- Dusty Nails and Spoiled Beauty.

I love this combo of bright creme pink and the metallic effect in the gray! I wish I would have gotten the magnetic effect a little stronger, but I need practice.

You can probably be looking forward to some more manis with pink in them. Hope you guys don't mind. 
# What do you think of this design?
# Do you get a lot of polish hang ups?


  1. I like pink polish :)
    Actually had a pink hang up recently :P

  2. I'm in a purple phase at the moment, but I've been seeing grey and pink around a lot, it's a lovely combo!


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