Saturday, 17 March 2012

Catherine Arley #805

Another of the Catherine Arley Holos. This one is black and has the amazing name 805!
I don't have any other black holos, but I would very much like more. They really are great!  The holo in this isn't very strong, and I wish it would have been more visible. But the Arley holos just aren't that strong. Still, in direct light it turn into a black rainbow

Formula was good and opaque in two coats. I've mentioned before that the brush on Catherine Arley is horrible, the same comes with this one. Totally hideous brush! In the shade it's nothing very special. I usually love the look of a holo in the shade, but not with this... Just plain normal



The Catherine Arley holos are 2.5 dollars and can be bought here at beauty cosmetic. I've also just read that the Catherine Arleys are big 3 free, can anyone confirm this? It kinda surprises, but if it's true it would make me very happy! I love buying brands that are less toxin!

# What do you think of this polish?
# What is your favorite black ho

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