Thursday, 1 March 2012

Micro Cell color repair - Soft Taupe

I came across a brand I hadn't hear of before called Micro Cell. Their polish range called Color repair is based on nail health and nail repair. I love all kind of repair and health polishes so I sent Micro Cell an email and asked if I could try one. And then I got color repair called Soft Taupe and and a top coat called Nail Wonder  in the mail!
I usually wear OPI nail envy if I need some extra strength, but lately I haven't been wearing any nail repairs. I realized my nails had some chipping, so this was a great opportunity to try my new Micro Cell.
I took one coat of the nail wonder, two coats of the color and then another coat of nail wonder. As it said I should do in the instructions.
I also made my mom wear it for a couple of days, since she doesn't wear any other nail repairs.

The result? My mom said that her nails felt a lot better after wearing the Color repair, and I feel the same! It's a lot thinner and dries faster than Nail Envy so It's great both as a strengthener and a top coat! My nails don't have any more chipping(oh yeah!).
I felt kinda weird about wearing nail wonder as both a strengthener and a top coat. The top coat won't actually touch the nail and I wouldn't think that would be to a lot of help to the nail... In the brochure it said I should, but I don't want to waste the nail repair as a top coat. On the other hand it dries super quick and makes an ideal top coat... Hmm, I don't know what I'll keep doing.

The color in itself is also a strengthener, so by not using the special nail wonder you will still get healthier nails. The color is a purple toned cold beige. A sleight hint of silver shimmer! Yummy color. Very chic and office approved! Not a color I wear a lot, but I feel a lot more grown up wearing it, haha!  It has great application, just like butter!

See the silver shimmer in direct sunlight
I'm very happy with this polish and the strengthener! My mom is also pleased, she will be wearing a lot more lately, it's great for her job!
Nail Wonder and Color repair can be bought Here

# What's your favorite nail strengthener?


  1. Good to know it helped both of your nails!

  2. Jeg skal forsette å bruke den tiljeg har like fine negler som deg ;)


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