Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Silver with colorful dots

This was my first attempt to make something for Chalkboard nails' dotting tool challenge. I had an idea that this would turn out like a hippy looking sun somehow, but it didn't at all.
Instead it looked more like a mess of colors and dots...oh well. I removed it pretty quick, but decided to share it with you guys anyway. Maybe it can inspired you to make something even better, or warn you not to try this, hehe.

The base is China Glaze - Devotion with Gina t - Billard and Petron and Cg - Papaya punch and heli-yum.
It kinda reminds me of colorful M'n'M candies, or something similar like Skittles.

Tell me what you think and if you get inspired to make something!


  1. lol, i thought of m&ms, too, when I saw this! makes me hungry...

  2. Birhtday party design - nice


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