Sunday, 18 March 2012

Inspired by an Animal Sunday - Bluebird fimo

I didn't really feel up to doing anything complicated today and was kinda uninspired. I was also testing my new basecoat and ridgefiller by Lina Johansen, and was liking the look of some naked nail. I therefore made a really thin french with Sinful colors - Aquamarine and placed some fimos from Dollishpolish called "Rockabilly fimos" on the tip.

The result really came out nice and clean, like it wanted it to. I could ofc have drawn the birds and stars on by hand to get a look that was more me, but as I said, I wasn't up for it.

That's it for me to day, haha! More blogging next week, and let's not forget the excited week 12 - skittle mani( I have no idea what this it, so I'll probably have a fun time googling it!)

# What do you think of these nails?
# Did you have a nice St. Paddys?


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