Wednesday, 29 February 2012

X&D Crackle white crackle polish from Everbella

Sweet Florence from Everbella was so kind to send me this white crackle polish and red basecolor for me to try! Everbella also provided the metal nail tips for my giveaway, they are really great!
The crackle polish comes in 30 different colors and can be bought Here. Here is also the color chart:
attachment (820×820)
Playful green and Lemon look rad!

Over to my review. I must admit I've been kinda fed up with crackle polishes, even though I haven't tried that many of 'em. However I had never tried a white one, and I had a image in my head that it would look rad over a deep red. To my delight the basecolor provided was just the right red!
Together they make a great pair! I get the feeling of christmas, candy canes and zombies(haha)!

The red polish was very thick and pretty hard to put on nicely, but with a little cleanup it turned out smooth. I waited pretty long before putting on the white, but as you can see from the photo the red wasn't completely dry. But guess what? I don't think that was a problem at all! When it blended a little together the crackle turned a little pink, and that was cool!

The formulas on most crackles are thick and so was this. The brush was a little upcooperation , but nothing I couldn't handle. It crackled very well! Some big cracks and some smaller, just the way I like it!
If you want to achieve that the crackles goes in different directions you can paint different directions. Here I've done one normal upwards, one sideways and two diagonally. Cool huh? 

All in all I'm happy with the crackle. Even though I don't wear it a lot anymore there are tons of cool nail art to make with crackles. See some crackle designs Here and Here.

# Do you think this crackle looks cool?
# Are you still fond of crackles?
                                                     * This product was sent to me for review*


  1. Dette fikk meg til å tenke på en blødende mumie! Haha, liker :D Synes faktisk at disse to lakkene ble ganske så tøffe sammen :)

  2. Woah!! That white is like birch tree bark!! If you put black/gray under it it would look like a tree!

  3. I love the white and red together!

  4. Perfekt halloween combo! :D


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