Thursday, 2 February 2012

Sinful Colors - Gorgeous+ a comparison

This shade looks like a great duochrome in the bottle, but turns out without any duochrome and pretty dull on the nail. The color is pretty, but when you expect something better it just turn out dull...
Two coats with a top coat:

Even though it was a disappointment it is a gorgeous color, and I do actually love it!

I realized it looked quite like Sephora by OPIs - Mermaid to order, but I was wrong. They don't look quite like, they are exactly the same. I really can't tell the difference between these two, can you?

Here is the bottle picture of them both, so disappointed that it doesn't look like that on the nail...

About the week 5 newspaper mani that was supposed to be here on Wednesday I've been trying to make it, but just can't do it! I'ts impossible... Gonna buy some new alcohol tomorrow and see if it works better then...Any general tips on what I may be doing wrong?

#Do you like these colors? 


  1. De var virkelig helt like! Likte fargen da, synd den ikke var så fin som i flasken :)

  2. Haven't tried the new paper mani yet! love the green!


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