Thursday, 9 February 2012

Heart with Thorns

I'm not into the pink, hearts, love and birds going around for valentines. But I enjoy having a theme to make designs to, so this valentines mani is a little more 'me'.
I used the classic picture of the heart with flames coming out and a thornstring(?) going around it.

My original idea was to make flames underneath the thorns going across the other fingers, but I'm glad I kept it simple. The background is NYX - Mocha latte with the thorns in Nicole by opi-one time lime and china glaze Holly-day. I like the retro look the nudeish background gives the design.

I really enjoyed making this design and hope you guys liked it!

# What do you think of this heart?
# Do you like these old school/retro designs?


  1. Så utrolig spennende å se et valentines design litt utenom det vanlige :) Det kan fort bli for mye kliss for min del ;)

  2. Takk! Ekke så stor fan av klissklass valentines

  3. These are Stunning! I love the thorn vines!


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