Friday, 3 February 2012

Week 5 - Newspaper Mani

I dried so hard and for such a long time to make this mani work, but I just couldn't get the hang of it. After changing method various times, trying a bunch of different alcohols and buying new alcohol and changing the base polish a bunch of times the result was still not good...

Well I did get a little more hang of it at the end and as you can see there is some writing there at least, haha! Oh well. I love newspaper manis and other people have gotten great results so I will just have to keep trying I guess.

I followed these two tutorials mostly:

# Have you tried to make newspaper nails before?


  1. I've tried making a newspaper mani once, but no letters turned up on my nails, so you did way better than me. :D

  2. I ended up having to layer SV over my base color before the newspaper print would transfer. Maybe you could try that!

  3. dette har jeg ikke hørt om en gang, så stilig! Synes det ble bra jeg da, hehe.

  4. I think it look good! Like it was made to look like that!

  5. Ååh, eg har ikke fått prøvd dette enda eg :/

  6. Misjelle: Bare å prøve, kjempegøy!
    Thanks you guys!


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