Monday, 6 February 2012

Orly - Gumdrop With Explosions

This pretty little mint came to my hands a couple of months ago, but has been lying in the untried drawer of my Helmer ever since. But now if finally came out, and boy am I happy for that!
I love me a good mint, and this meets all my requirements for a mint!

A thing I like about is that it's slightly more blue than green! I like it! The application was smooth as butter and two coats was good for opacity.
To make some extra sparkle I made some golden and pinkholo explosions, following this tutorial by the Nail Side
 I know that gold and mint looks great in designs, but my eye also fell on Make up Stores pink holo Britta.
 The holo didn't come out as much as I wanted. And I didn't get the explosions that great, but all in all it went okey! I need to work some more on my explosions, but they really are getting better. I adore the color combination, this is definitely something I will have to use in the future!

# Do you enjoy a good mint?
# Do you like the colors?


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