Monday, 6 February 2012

Review: Hello Kitty Stamping Kit

Bornprettystore contacted me and asked if wanted to do a review of one of their products. I was very happy and decided to try the hello kitty stamping kit. I've never done any konad or stamping before so this was new to me, but very fun!

In the kit there were two plates, three stamping polishes, a scraper and a stamper.
The first thing I noticed about this set was that the white had leaked in package and was only half full. Since it had been slightly open under the shipping the polish had gone very thick and was hard to work with. Luckily none of the other things had gotten white polish on them though.

When I started to try the stamping it totally didn't work and I knew I was doing something wrong, but couldn't understand what. I was doing everything by the book, so was wasn't it working? Then I realized that the plates still had the plastic on them! Duh...

Much better:
After the plastic was removed things went slightly more easy, haha!
The plates had nice and deep engravings and there were no problems to get enough polish in them and transferring it to the nail.
The scraper however was useless. The line was not straight and very uneven so it was impossible to drag any polish of with it... Instead I took an old creditcard and cut it in two to use as a scraper, much better!

The black and red polishes both worked well, but the white one I couldn't use to stamp. It dried way to fast and was impossible to trace to the nail.
The result was just so and so, but remember that this was my first stamping kit so I don't have much training in stamping. I kinda failed on the index finger, but the other ones turned out okey.

All in all I have mixed feelings for this set.
Plus sides: Deep engravings, black and red was good to work with, the stamper itself was good
Minus: White was opened in the package, white was useless to stamp with, the scraper was useless.

You can buy this set here for 8.77
I will give you guys a coupon you can use when you shop at bornprettystore to get 5% discount when you shop!

# Do you like to stamp?
# Have you bought anything from Bornprettystore before?


  1. Resultatet ble fint det da :) Kjipt at den hvite lakken var ødelagt... platene fungerer utmerket :)

  2. I've done the same thing - to try and stamp with the plastic still on the plate! Haha!! :D

  3. Nice Review! A plastic scraper just kinda sounds silly!

  4. I've been getting into stamping, and I agree, credit cards are great for scraping!

    I've tagged you for the Nail Polish Tag: :)

  5. Very innovative with the creditcard - but how do you pay your bills now?

  6. Syns du gjorde det bra for første gang jeg! :)
    Kjedelig at den hvite var åpnet og at skraperen ikke funket, men er jo greit når man finner lette løsninger som kortet her :)

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