Thursday, 16 February 2012

Zoya - Marley

*I'm going away on winter holiday tomorrow, but I have bunch of posts scheduled including the OPI DSs. There won't be any Inspired by and Animal Sunday though. Hope you guys have a great week!* 
I bought this along with some other polish from a girl at the Norwegian nail polish forum . My first Zoya actually. Even though I've been craving for a Zoya, and totally adore everything with the brand, from colors to philosophy, I've never gotten around to actually buying one!
Well here's Marley! She's a pale lavender creme with a very very slight shimmer. Totally invisible in the photos, and just barely visible irl. 

This was so smooth and nice to put on! One of the those butter formulas that we all love. I didn't have any problems getting it even and opaque in two coats and hardly needed any clean up! That's great!

Zoya is cruelty-free, vegan and big 5-free. That really sounds good in my ears! And there are some great Zoya colors out there I need to get my hands on soon!
# What do you think of Zoya?
# Do you like Marley?


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