Friday, 24 February 2012

Week 8 - Corset Mani

Here is finally Week 8 of the one year challenge. And this weeks theme is Corset nails. Cool! I've never tried it before, but seen some really great results! I took inspiration from this corset:
Making the colors red and black instead of white. I get a really vampireish feeling from the result:

Using Essence - Red-y to go, Mac - Obey me and black and white with a thin nail art brush this was created. I didn't get the lines as thin as I wanted to, but am still pretty pleased with how it turned out.
This was fun! I think I have to make more black, red and white designs. Their so classy! I'm of to a wine and nail evening, maybe I'll show some pictures if I make anything cool on my friends nails! See ya!
# Do you like my corsets?
# Do you like making red, white and black designs?


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