Saturday, 18 February 2012

OPI ds - Elegance

Elegance is my new pink holo from OPI. It's such a cutie. I got some photos in actual sunlight when swatching this and then the great holo effect came out. The holo isn't crazy strong, not like MUS - Britta, but that doesn't matter!
I know that holos are supposed to be seen in the sun, but I can't stop loving how they look in the shade! Is that weird? Oh well, it looks great both in the sun and in the shade! Formula was really good, two coats for opacity and I didn't need aque fix basecoat. The pink is a little darker than my other holo Milani - Digital and it doesn't need "underwear" to be opaque. This is definitely one of my fav. pink holos!


The brush on these older OPIs is a little different from the new ones. It's a little softer and more narrow, I prefer the new one. Here's a comparison pic:

If you wanna see, here is my swatch of DS Vintage
# Do you like Elegance?
# What's your favorite Holographic polish?


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