Saturday, 25 February 2012

Haul from Beautycosmetic

I recently got my package from I had ordered 6 Cathrine Alrey holos and three from Catrice. These are both new brands for me so this is exciting!

The Arley numbers are on the photo, the Catrices are called Purpleized, I wear my sunglasses at night and In the bronx( already a swatch of on the blog)
I actually wanted to order a bunch of other Arleys, but most of them were actually sold out... Sucks, but that only means I have to order more another time!

As you can see from the photo #677 had leaked in the package, but it wasn't dried out or anything so nothing to bad.

The C A are $2.00 and the Catrice are $4.24, so pretty cheap if you ask me!


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