Sunday, 5 February 2012

Inspired by an Animal Sunday - Butterfly Fimos

I hadn't yet tried the butterfly fimos I bought from DollishPolish so I decided that today was a good day to do it!
The bag consisted of a variation of different colored and patterned butterflies. Some of them are cut perfectly thin, but some are also very thick and hard to work with. That kinda sucks, but I try to use the thin ones mostly. I think this set is really cute and the butterflies adorable!

The basecolor on this is HM - Peppermint Fusion with some black dots on.

I also want to say thanks so much for reaching 50 followers!! I love all of you, hehe! There are two big giveaways coming on here soon so stay tuned. The prizes are at this moment being shipped from around the world and I'm really looking forward to it!

#What do you think of the fimo?
# Do you have any ideas for next weeks animal?


  1. Så utrolig søtt! Dette likte jeg godt :D
    Har noen fimos selv som jeg må få brukt snart.

  2. For et utrolig søtt design :D Dette likte eg virkelig.. fargene og sommerfuglene!

  3. Takk takk! JM: Det er kjempegøy!

  4. I love the butterflies! Love Peppermint Fusion too!

  5. Blue and butterflies - good sunday ;)


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