Saturday, 25 February 2012

Cathrine Arley #801 Holographic

I bought 6 shades of the Chatrine Arley holos and this will be the first I show you. It's called 801 and is yellow holo. In the bottle the polish looks a lot more greenish yellow and a solid yellow and I got kinda disappointing when I realized it wasn't green at all.
It's a banana yellow holo, and I'm not a big fan of banana yellow...

The holo effect isn't extremely strong, but good enough. I like those subtle holos a lot actually, since I feel that the holo effect can be overwhelming. That doesn't mean the holo isn't showing, it's still a rainbow of color in the sunlight.
Shade and sunlight

The formula on this was very good. I didn't need Aqua fix basecoat and it didn't dry all matte and weird as some holos do. I used two coats to get it opaque and it went on very easy. The brush on the other hand was a nightmare. The hairs were sticking out in all directions and none were the same length so I gave it a trim, that made it a lot better.
Direct sunlight

All in all I'm very pleased even though the color is banana yellow and not more green. My very first yellow holo. I will be showing the other Cathrine Arleys as soon as I've gotten them swatched  and will make a post with one picture of each color to gather them all together!
# Do you have any yellow holos?
# What do you think of Cathrine Arley?


  1. OMG, GUL hololakk, det har jeg ikke sett før! Synes den var kul jeg, selv om jeg ikke er superfan av gule lakker selv.

    1. Ja, det er nok ikke noe man kommer over så ofte, er ganske spesiel

  2. Very interesting, I haven't seen a yellow holographic before!

  3. Oh I love this Yellow and it is so sparkly!


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