Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Dollish Polish - We're gonna need a bigger boat

Dollish Polish is really popular right now. Here etsy store has been so overflown by orders that it's closed at the moment! That's great since she's a really talented nail polish creator. 
Many of her polishes have names from famous movies and today I'm showing We're gonna need a bigger boat. The quote is from the epic shark movie Jaws.
Since the bottle is so small I didn't want to use it all at once so instead of using two to three coats I gave it some underwear in a similar shade and layered it.  
The base color is Orly - Sweet Peacock.
We're gonna need a bigger boat is a blue shimmer base with some small and some larger red glitters. It's so amazing! I'm really loving this combo of red and blue. 

Some of the batches of Bigger boat came out a lot greener than intended say Dolly, but I don't think mine is one of those. It's a perfect blue!

See some more Dollish Polish swatches by The polishaholic here

# What do you think of this polish?
# Have you tried Dollish Polishes?


  1. Det var virkelig en spesiell og fin lakk :D

  2. I think it's lovely, but I've never tried any of the Dollish polishes. Yet, anyway. ;)

  3. ooooh i like this! I've actually never heard of Dollish polish, but will have to check it out now

  4. I've never tried Dollish Polish but have been seeing them EVERYWHERE, and for good reason. This polish is fantastic! It's really neat looking. :)

  5. Eewwww, water with blood in it! See, that's what happens if your boat is too small and you meet a giant Great White out there.

    Jeg har en liten liste-utfordring til deg inne hos meg. Den er ikke neglelakk-relatert, men om du har lyst kan du jo ta den allikevel, eventuelt bare i kommentarfeltet mitt.

  6. Jeg klarte ikke å skjønne at det er vann med blod i før jeg leste kommentaren over.
    Ikke likte jeg Jaw filmen heller, men lakken er fin. tror ikke jeg kommer til å prøve den nå som jeg vet hva det er.

  7. Hihi, jepp it's water with blood in it!


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