Friday, 10 February 2012

Gradient glitter with laces

I do like me some nice laces, so that was the idea for todays nails.  I've also seen some amazing picture of glitter gradients and really waned to make some myself. Definitely something I'll be doing more of! See my post on different gradients Here.  I'm feeling like I'm staying in the "valentine theme" with this pink and red mani, hehe.

For this I first lay a layer of OPI - Aphrodite's pink nightie and pink shimmer and then layered a layer of a multicolor glitter in a pink base and then Nyx - Turks and Caicos, a blue jelly base with multicolor glitter. Then the laces on the tips with the HM vivid Duo.

I could have done a better job on the laces, but I'm pretty happy on the gradient. So pretty with the glitter! I need to make one with black and green!
# Do you like gradients?
# Any ideas for gradient colors to use?


  1. Lekkert! :D Skikkelig skinnende og fint :D

  2. very pretty! I love glitter gradients :) especially with glitter that has a tinted jelly base


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