Sunday, 4 September 2011

Milani Holograpich - Digital (Spoiled Beauty)

This is Digital from the 3D Holograpich collection from Milani.

 It's a blush pink with a lovely holograpich touch in direct light. There was no sun under my swatching so these photos are taken under incandescent light.
On it's own it's pretty sheer, but still a nice color and pretty filling in three coats. None the less I used H&M - Spoiled Beauty, a cute light pink, as a basecolor.
This is Digital in three coats with on basecolor or top coat:

Direct incandescent light

In natural daylight

Now I could have done a whole mani like this, but after using Spoiled Beauty it becomes a lot more "muchier". The sheerness that it has on it's own goes away and leaves a beautiful pink treasure. Tons of holograpich glitters that will make your nails glow.
These photos have one coat Spoiled Beauty and three coats of Digital

Direct incandescent light

Natural daylight
Top coat was not nessecary, it has an amazing shine on it's own. Of course you should use a top coat if you are planing to wear it for many days though.

This collection is from 2010, but it's still possible to find them here and there. I really want them all, but this is the only one I've gotten my hands on.


  1. Eg synes denne dekker veldig bra. Bruker 2-3 strøk :)

  2. Denne ser kjempefin ut! :) kanskje jeg må bestille den neste gang jeg handler på cherry culture.

  3. Nydelig farge:). Bruker lite neglelakk, men har en del av dem:). Kanskje begynne å bruke de litt oftere!


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