Friday, 30 September 2011

NYX - Mocha Latte

After many days of wearing strong colors and big designs I needed something calming and "light". The choice fell on an untried, NYX - Mocha Latte.
Mocha Latte is a nude with golden shimmer in it. It applied very vell, but needed three coats to get opaque. The color is pretty and just what I needed to calm my eyes. I hardy ever wear nude colors, but this one was special. A little peachy I would say, or maybe caramel is the right word..

I can't say I'll wear it alot, but it's a good choice for a nude if I would want that again.. And it's great if I want to make a leopard design

                                                # Do you like nudes?


  1. Ikke noe for meg :( Er ikke så glad i nude-lakker! Hvor er det du kjøper disse NYX-lakkene? De har ikke disse hos Cherryculture som eg har sett :)

  2. Jeg er ikke så veldig glad i nudes, men syns fargen og glansen i denne lakken så veldig fin ut :)

  3. Jeg liker nude neglelakk! men denne ble litt for bruntonet syns jeg, liker best nude med rosa undertoner! :)


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