Thursday, 8 September 2011

Kleancolor - Holo Chrome

This the first Kleancolor polish is tried. Holo Chrome is a purple/blue base with tons of small holo glitters. The glitters are a really strong holo and as you can see in my pictures they show the whole rainbow. The formula was pretty sheer and thick, not a good combintation. So I used three coats
I had some problems applying it, it was thick and hard to work with. But totally worth it. I mean, for 1.75 $ I really can't complain.
As you can see from my pictures I have some fingermarks on the middle finger... That's a result from slooow drying time, even though I used Isadora - Top Coat which usually works fine for me.
So formula not great, but the color is amazing. It goes from being a light purple in daylight to a strong purple and a strong blue in direct lightning.

3 coats, daylight

Direct artificial light

Direct artificial light.
I love my new Kleancolors and I will be showing swatches as soon as I can! Next I will be postig about OPI - Planks a Lot
                                                                   #Do you tihnk it's as lovely as I think?


  1. Ooooh, jeg begynner å virkelig få sansen for holo-glitterne til Kleancolor. Kom mandag, kom! Jeg skal på shopping! :-D

  2. Wow, virkelig fantastisk farge! Er det virkelig samme lakken på alle disse bildene? Så stilig!

  3. Denne har eg nettopp fått i posten selv. Gleder meg til å teste den... er såå fin jo :D


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