Monday, 19 September 2011

Going Bananas (with fimo)

Todays design was my first ever with fimo. I really love the concept and I think it's fun to play around with it.
I guess the hardest thing with fime is to get the slices thin enough, if you use sticks that are not already sliced. The trick is to use a sharp enough knife, I used a scalpel and it worked out fine for me.

For this I've used Isadora - Mellow yellow as a base color, this color already reminded me of bananas so it was the perfect choise. Sponged on with HM - I'm not a kiwi, Berry M - Yellow neon and Kleancolor - Holo clover on the tip. Then I placed a slice of banana fimo on two fingers with tweesers:
 I think the fimos really look like the fruits they are supposed to look like. I guess mot fimos look like fruits of some kind.
You can buy both ready sliced and sticks of fimo on Ebay.
Only bad thing about it is that it can be really anoying to wear it on your nails, and I just want to rip them of, hehe.

                                                        # Do you like to play with fimo on your nails?


  1. I love fimos! Have done a few with orange, kiwi, cherries :)

  2. Ble jo stilig det der :D Endelig fikk du brukt fimoen også ;)

  3. JM: Omg, Cherries! That sounds so cute, I'll have to get some of the those!


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