Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Kleancolor - Metallic Red

This is a really beautiful lacquer from Kleancolor. Even though the name says Metallic, I would call it more of a foil. Just see the bottle picture:

It's very hard to mix the polish together to get an even color. You know you're not supposed to shake the bottle? You'll get bubbles, not good. You should  rub gently it bettween your palms to mix it.

But lets look at it on the nails! This is a wonderful raspberry color, and the foil/metallic finish gives it a unique look. I really love in on my nails, just want to eat it! If you don't have this and plan to order Kleancolor, put this in your basket! And the best thing? This is one coat!

So only negative thing is that when you get some color chipped of the tips it's really hard to fix it, becaus the color seems to be different everytime you use it. Since it's hard to get an even color. But it will just have to do, I love it anyway! Now I wish I had orderd more metallic Kleancolor!

                                               Do you have Metallic red?


  1. Fin farge! Og med onecoaters som bytter farge så må du bare ta et strøk over hele neglen og ikke bare tippen - da hadde du jo ikke sett noe. :-)

  2. Kia - Nailsncupcakes28 September 2011 at 02:06

    Sophie: Ja, ikke sant! Og det så jo ikke jeg før jeg hadde "fiksa" på tuppen, hehe.

  3. Kleancolor metalliclakkene er geniale. Har tenkt til å lakke neglene med en av disse nå. Bestilte nesten alle av dem tror eg :D


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