Thursday, 1 September 2011

Gasoline and Green

My two favorite colors are green and purple, and even though these two don't really go good together I try really hard to fit them. So that's what I did with Gosh - Gasoline and Nfu Oh # 56, a green flakie.

It kinda worked good and kinda not. I have to admit I really liked it. Something different at least, and if your tired of old colors and dull combintations this is definitely something to try. Trying combinations lik this often go wrong and gives you an awful color, but they come out amazing sometimes to!

I love to experiment like this, do you?


  1. Tror ikke at eg hadde tenkt tanken på å gjøre det samme, men synes resultatet ble overraskende bra :D

  2. Grønn og lilla går flott sammen.

  3. wow! det var utrolig stilig, den kombinasjonen hadde jeg aldri tenkt på... :)


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