Tuesday, 13 September 2011

UK's first exhibition dedicated to nail art!

UK's first nail art exhibitian is going on right now, Nailphilia. And I must say I wish I could have been there! This stuff looks amazing, and these people are so talented. Alongside DegreeArt.com Artists, Nailphilia boasts established Nail Technicians including Marian Newman, Sophy Robson, Sam Biddle, Mike Pocock, Megumi Mizuno, Antony Buckley, Jenny Longworth, Sue Marsh, Kirsty Meakin and The Illustrated Nail as they showcase their groundbreaking talents and mind blowing techniques through installation, photography, film, and books. A bunch of these nail artists have made nails for music videos and celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Degreeart.com write themselves:

"Nails are currently one of Fashion’s hottest accessories and this September they will become the Art World’s smallest canvas. DegreeArt.com and Sweet Squared, in collaboration with London’s top Nail Technicians and Fashions most recognized names invite you to London’s First Ever Nail Art Exhibition. Through every medium imaginable, Nailphilia will delve deep into the nail world’s most creatively established, merging Fashion and Art and redefining everything you thought you knew about the aesthetic of the fingertips."
If you haven't checked out theillustratednail already, it's beyond time you do it. And be prepared to feel your fingers itching to do nail art!

London's first nail art exhibition © Nailphilia

The illustrated Nail

Nailphilia runs from Thursday 1st - Sunday 25th September 2011 12 - 6 pm, 12A Vyner St, London E2 9DG
I wish I could go there, but unfortunately I live in Oslo, not London, so it's kinda far away...
I hope all of you London readers have gone or are going to Nailphilia while you still can!

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