Wednesday, 14 September 2011

OPI - Green-wich Village

My absolute favorite color is green, and this green is one of my favorite shades of green. So what more can I ask for? The first swatch I saw of this was from neglelakkmani, and I think it's one of her favorites to.

A wonderful OPI creme. It's not completely opaque, I could have gotten away with two coats, but I used three for these pictures. Most OPI cremes are great, and this is nothing less.


A great tone just between dark and light green. I really get a forest feeling from this color. In the sun it's an apple green, but in the shade it's more of a forest/nature green. Fresh!
I really don't know what else to day about it! Just let the pictures do the talking.

                                                  # Do you have a favorite lacquer shade?
                                                  # Like greens?


  1. I love green, and this colour looks great! :D
    I don't really think I have a favorite lacquer shade, I like to mix it up and change colour a lot :)

  2. I'm actually having issues wearing lighter shades of green such as this one. I'm really all about the darker tones. This one slightly darker would be perfect!


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