Saturday, 3 September 2011

H&M Duo polishes

I bought a three of the new duopolishes from HM a while a go. I only bought the doubleended ones, not the ones in a duopack.
I swatched them all with a combination of the two colors. For Dusty Nails I made various designs, for Golden Nails I swamped with both colors as a base and for Vivid Nails I swamped with the lightes color as a base. The thing I reacted the most on with these lacquers is the small brushes. Much smaller than the normal H&M polishbrush. My nails are pretty big so I like wide brushes.

                                                               Dusty Nails
This was the duopolish I was looking the most forward to. It consists of a light gray and a dirty light pink. The gray has a lot of pink tones in it and the pink has gray tones. A perfect combo if you ask me.

Here is a combination of the two colors

The formula is great and I had no problems with the application. The only negative thing is that the brush is very small. Much smaler than the normal HM brushes. Another thing is that you really need to use a top coat with this one. Or else it will chip off in no time. I tried wearing it without a top coat, by the end of the day almost half of the color was gone from my nails!
But I must say I like it alot, and I believe it's a must in every nailpolish collection!

                                                            Golden Nails

This is a set of a purple and a gold. The purple is dark and almost a jelly, love it. I've never used gold and purple together before, but they are a good match! The application was the same as dusty nails only a more shiny finish.

The purple alone, no top coat

I liked the purple over the gold better and will probably make the same combintation again.

                                                            Vivid Nails

This is the one I liked the least. Nothing special about the colors at all really. As with the purple in Golden Nails they both finish very shiny and almost Jelly. The colors are not unique, but cute anyway. Not something I will be wearing a lot, but still a good polish.

# Wich one is your favorite?

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  1. Eg kjøpte kun den første av disse (grå og rosa). Men når eg ser bildene dine, så angrer eg faktisk på at eg ikke kjøpte de to andre også. Likte spesielt godt den siste (rød og rosa)... ;)


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