Sunday, 18 September 2011

NYX -Wild

I bought this color on a sale a while ago, it' my first NYX.
The bottle is really cute, with a little diamond and everything.
I can't really put my finger on what color it is. The base is dark greyish blue, packed with loads of golden shimmer and I can see red glitters in there. A multicolor in other words. The color sort of reminds me of a cold day in the forest.
Application was thin, needed three coats.

I think I like this color best in the shade, more "filling" if you catch my drift. 


Closeup in sunlight
I'm really having problemst describing this lacquer. It's beautiful all right, but I can't say why... Hmm. Oh, well. Good for the autumn is it at least and it will be fun to experiment with layering.

                                                       # Do you have NYX
                                                       # Ever had problems describing a lacquer?


  1. Fargen så fin ut, men vanskelig å forklare hvordan den egentlig ser ut :p Hvor har du bestilt denne? Eg har mange NYX neglelakker, men ingen i en slik søt flaske som denne da :)

  2. Elizabeth: Kjøpte den på en Beautybutikk i Oslo, for 35 kroner!


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