Tuesday, 30 August 2011

H&M Summer nails - Metallic blue (Havana Dreams)

This is the blue one from H&Ms summer nails minisett. I haven't gotten around to swatching any of them jet, but here is the first one.
First things first, this is NOT a metallic blue, it's a glitter. A pretty sheer glitter too. Way to weak to wear alone. Now you would think 4 coats of glitter would give you hell when trying to remove it, but it wasn't that bad actually.
 Here is a picture of 4 coats with no basecolor:

See what I mean? Sure, if you like having your visible nail showing then you may like it, but it's too weak for me. So instead I used it over Sephora by OPI - Havana Dreams and the combintation is amazing! I just love it!
Two coats of Havana Dreams and one coat Metallic Blue gives an amazing skyblue glitter polish. Maybe I'll make a franken of it?

The color gives me associtations to angels in some way. It looks so innocent and sweet...


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