Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Smokey Needle Marble

This is my very first try with needle marbleing. I've seen some amazing result with this technique, but I didn't really get the hang of it. I guess I choose the wrong colors... Base is Sephora by OPI - Stop stocking me and the gray is HM - duo gray.

I need to try this more. Maybe make a tutorial. If you want to know how this is made just google it for now, there are a bunch of great tutorials out there.

# Have you tried this before?


  1. This is really cool! It really does remind me of smoke! :D

  2. Slikt har eg ikke sett før tror eg.. du er flink til å prøve nye ting. Det skal du ha :D Resultatet ble jo ikke så verst til at det var den første gangen du prøvde heller :D

  3. This is a great mani! I love the colors you used!

  4. I haven't tried this, but I think it looks great. Like light blue flames or something. :)


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