Thursday, 19 January 2012

Blogspot problems 2#

Hey guys, a little problem I hope one of you can help me with!
The new "reply" button is great, I've always wanted that for our blogspot blogs. Only problem is, mine isn't working! It's there alright, but when I press it nothing happens...
Do I have to activate it or something? Any other people haveing the same problem?


  1. I didn't do anything to get the reply button, and I didn't do anything to make it work, it just came and worked straight away. It's weird that yours doesn't work! Sorry I can't help, I would have if I could.

  2. :( I have no idea! I hope that it gets figured out soon.

  3. Mine has just appeared and is working (so it seems)..

    Check out som Blogger FAQ ?


  4. Mine works fine so far! I don't like that delete is right next to it thou. I know i'm late to this so you might have fixed it! But have you tried logging out of your blog the logging back in. sorry not to be much help!

  5. Min er også veldig ustabil, har virket ca. 50% av tiden siden den plutselig dukket opp. Håper det er en feil de jobber med siden tjenesten er ny... Veldig smart ihvertfall :)


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