Sunday, 22 January 2012

My first franken - Dirty Mother of Pearl

So I've been really inspired by other people who've made frankens lately. There are so many amazing polishes not made by big productions, but by normal people. There's a list on the bottom of this post with links to etsy pages with franken polishes.
Of course I had to try and make my own, since I like to try new things I thought this would be fun! To make it I mixed OPI - The color to watch, Kleancolor - green with envy and China Glaze - Fairy dust. In my head this combo would look amazing... The result: Not so much amazingness. Over a dark color it looks pretty, but over white it just looks...well, dirty!
Here is the bottle:
Here over OPI - Honk if you love OPI:

Almost like a dark galaxy with a mother of pearl finish. I like the big chunks of green glitter

Over white:

A brown/yellow terrible color with what looks like chunks of puke over it! Yuk!

So that's the reason I decided to call it Dirty Mother of Pearl. I won't stop experimenting with frankens, maybe my next try will be more successful haha!
Here are some etsy stores where you can buy amazing frankens:
Nerd Lacquer
Tammis Tips
Dollish Polish

#Have you made a Franken Before?
#Do you know of any good franken makers I can add to my list?


  1. Den så fin ut over OPI - Honk if you love OPI da :) Morsomt at du også prøver deg på frankenlakker. Eg har bare laget en, men vil lage flere. Kjøpte jo billige øyenskyggepigmenter på ebay og har masse glitter liggende.. må få laget noe mer :D

  2. Den var nydelig over Opi'en da!
    Litt rar over den hvite, hehe ;)

  3. Enig med dere begge, Misjelle: Ja dine er ganske fine, gleder meg til å se flere!

  4. I think this looks cool!! :D Over white it looks like parchment! :D (You could use that and do some bad-ass calligraphy mani's!) ^-^
    I look forward to seeing your future frankens as well!

  5. I love it over the purple! I bet is would look nice alone on the nail! Course most don't like showing their nails! But I do!

  6. Men den var jo fin over lilla da! Litt sånn stjernehimmel aktig:)

  7. elsket den med lilla. alt som er galaxy-ish er så fint!!


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