Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Gorgeous Ocean with Chunky Holo Bluebelle

I promised to make a post where I showed Kleancolor - Chunky holo Bluebelle over a blue. Here I have layered it over Sinful Colors - Gorgeous (swatch coming in the next days).
Bluebelle along with NFU Oh #54 blue flakies makes this great! The blue flakies gives it just a little more sparkle!

The result really reminds me of a mermaids tail or fish scales. I've always envied nail people who've been able to get this effect, just look a little bit around and something mermaid'y will always turn up.

So there it is...
# What do you think of this combo?
# Have you made anything marmaid'y, I'd love to see it!


  1. I think it's looking really good. I haven't tried anything in the mermaid department yet. :)

  2. Fun layering! I never think to combine glitters & flakies--I should try that!

  3. Dette så VELDIG fint ut :D Nice combo!

    SV: Kinetic candy? Den har jeg desverre ikke kjøpt :(


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