Thursday, 12 January 2012

OPI - Warm and Fozzie

This is the only lacquer I bought from the Muppets collection. I found some of the others pleasing, but this was the only one that really caught my eye as unique. And boy was I right!
A color that's very hard to explain indeed, so I'll let the pictures do most of the talking and try to add some comments.

 The base is brown with a hint of both pink and yellow/green duochrome. It contains both silver, pink, green and yellow shimmer in it. All packed together in a wonderful lacquer. Very easy to work with and opaque in three coats. This will be great for layering experiments(which I'll try to be doing more of in the future).


My guess is that this one will be out of stock in a short while, and then be sold at ebay for blood-price. So if you get the chance to get your hands on it you should take it!
# Do you have this great color?
#Do you agree with one that it's great?


  1. Jeg fikk denne som mini utgave til jul, men kan ikke si jeg er så veldig begeistret for den. Ikke helt meg med brune lakker :')

  2. Hahaha blood-price! XD It is so true, too! XD
    This looks really lovely on you. :D

  3. Fy søren, denne var fiiin! Hvor kjøpte du den?

  4. Misjelle: Kjøpt i USA gitt, er ikke sikker på hvor du finner den på nett, men sjekk neglelakkforumet der er det sikkert noen som vet!

  5. Denne lakken har jeg vært litt fram og tilbake på om jeg trenger. Men denne swatchen var nydelig, tror jeg må ha den jeg:)

  6. ÅÅå så fin! det var lettere å kommentere nå.. men den var litt annerledes før tror jeg.. uansett så var neglelaken fin !

  7. Fant den på ebay! Ble to OPI lakker og en fra Nubar ;) Gleder meg :D

  8. Misjelle: Kult gleder meg til å se!


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