Sunday, 15 January 2012

Nicole by OPI - Sounds Grape to Me

Wow, I have so many amazing polishes that I've been showing the last couple of days, and going to keep on showing! Well, I don't believe any of you have anything against seeing amazing polishes? Todays polish is from Nicole by OPI and the Fall 2011 Something About Color Target Exclusives.

Not quite sure how to describe this polish...It's wild! A sort of shimmery burgundy color that goes into crazy bronze reddish orange in the sun.Small silver and pink flecks gives it more depth.  Since it's from a fall collection I think it fits perfectly for that season. It has a slight green duochrome that you can see in some lights, but as I said, it's very slight.


Formula was perfect, a little runny, but still no problem.

To make this into even more of a polish-gasm I added a coat of my favorite Nfu Oh #51. This gave the duochrome a boost and just made it amazing!
Oh, I do love it! 
#What do you think?


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