Monday, 30 January 2012

Jack Skellington Polishes Swatches

I bought this set at Claire's a couple of weeks ago on sale for four dollars. They are made by Disney. I love Jack and the nightmare before Christmas and fell completely in love with the bottles! See my Nbc nail design Here.
The set contains three colors; Gray, red and purple. On these swatches there are two coats with OPI top coat. I want to say something about the consistence on these lacquers first. It was weirs... I've never met anything like it. It was thick, but not gloppy like what you expect from thick formulas. It was more like paint than polish... Very hard to explain. It wasn't hard to work with at all, but it didn't get even before I used a top coat. So yeah, that was a total new experience.

Over to the bottles(and the reason I bought them really). They will NOT stand up straight. I had to lean it against another bottle of polish while doing my nails 'cus it just fell over. This would have been an ever bigger problem if the formula had been "normal" and not thick, but hence the paint like polish it didn't run out of the bottle and spill.

That was a damn long introduction... Over to the colors:


Strong orangy red with silverish shimmer


A nice dark gray, with a slight shimmer. A really neutral, but I like it.


A dark purple with a shimmer of even darker purpler.  This one was very pretty.

There wasn't really much to say about the colors so I stayed short.
My verdict of the set: Disney; You are already making great movies and always have. Stick to what you know and don't try to make more nail polish sets!

# Have you met a similar nailpolish formula?
# What do you think of the set?


  1. That doesn't sound like any formulas I've tried, but let along - I would have bought them because of the bottle along. And maybe emptied them and used them for pretty frankenpolishes. :)

  2. Great idea Rainbowify me! I'll make some frankens that are more Jack appropriate!

  3. Grey så veldig grønn ut for meg :) Likte fargene og flaskene eg :D

  4. You made me laugh with the last line! The colors look nice but the bottle i'm a sucker for!

  5. Fargene så fine ut da, men så kjedelig at de var så rare i konsistensen.


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