Thursday, 12 January 2012

How I keep my hands healthy and happy

Especially now in the winter it's important to take good care of your hands and cuticles. I'm gonna take you through my hand routine I do when I feel my hands need a little extra caring. Some of these steps I do every other day, or even everyday, but the whole routine I do maybe once a week. 

1) First I fill my sink with warm water. Not to warm of course, I'm going to have my hands in there for a while. I like to use a few drops of a nice oil in my hand bath, and I prefer lavender. Try a few different for yourself and find your own favorite! 

2) I use a hard nailscrub-brush to scrub my hands and nails with. This will not only remove dirt from under your cuticles but also help the blood circulation in your hands and cuticles. That will make your nails grow faster! So scrub over your cuticles to keep the blood flowing and nails growing!
( Another thing that will make your nails grow faster is typing on your computer with or tapping nails on a table slighty!) 

On the brush I like to put some Almond and Coconut smoothie from Lush! Smells amazing, feels so soft and leaves your skin great!

3) After I'm done with the handbath I dry my hands slighty and then apply my cuticle moisturizer. I've tried a bunch of different ones, but I always comeback to and swear to Rosebud Salve! So I apply this over all of my cuticles. (This I actually do almost everyday!)

4) Then I use the white and of a tool like in the picture and gently push the cuticle down.

5) I use a nailstrenghtener every other day and I always use OPI - Nail envy. Use two coats the first time you try it and one coat every other day after this! You will feel a difference!

6) Now I apply my hand cream. Handy Gurugu from Lush it is! I'm gonna write an own review of this amazing hand cream of it's own! Leaves your hands soft and great smelling without being wet (and you know I love Lush!). I use this almost everyday too.

And that's how I keep my hands happy in the winter!
#How do you keep your hands happy?
# Are you gonna try my routine?


  1. Great routine, and thank you for sharing!! :D I think I may do a post about my routine too, although I keep changing it. :S I use different creams so my skin doesn't get too used to a product. Those Lush products look great! :D I haven't used any before, but now I really want to check these out! ^-^

  2. Nice routine. I may have to try the soaking and scrubbing. I have tons of oils at home to use.

  3. Your so disciplined with your routine! I wouldn't have enough of a routine to post about!

  4. Dette var et fint innlegg :) Takk for gode tips!

  5. Ashesela: Cool, I'd like to see yours! The Lush products are really good!

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  7. Takk for tips:) Må prøve den håndkremen fra Lush. Bruker Lemony flutter til neglebåndene, og en argan olje som egentlig er til håret! den fungerer supert:)

  8. I've been looking for a good nail strengthener, and have used many different ones with few results. I'll have to try out this one.
    Thank you for posting this!


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